heart-block. (D) Simultaneous leads 1 and with His-bundle electrogram (H) at sinus rate
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Diagnosis of Ureteral Calculi and Technique of Removal Without Opera-
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to permit sleep to ensue. This exhaustion must soon terminate in
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mended the use of mercury in paraplegia, and cites some cases in sup-
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hallucinations of sight and hearing, loss of memory, muscular inco-
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from one exposure, i.e., an infection with Ducrey's bacillus and S.
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Diagnosis. — To establish the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism there
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is rich in salts and ptyaline, and contains a slight excess of
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The patient is a woman of 58, who has noticed the wasting of the
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sire, either in the direction of National Quarantine, or
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skull is thin, the percussion note becomes more highly resonant than
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give rise to abscesses, which open into the pelvis (pyuria). Sometimes the
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and a representative of the Board of Health to discuss proposals based on these
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PI. 9 and 10. Episternal or Tracheal Region, and relative position of its main Bloodvessels, Nerves, &c.
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"To obtain a stereoscopic effect, it need scarcely be said that
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