Result — All symptom* disappeared, the mine cleared up and the
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readers of the publication, hence it is that calls for a greater degree of real sci-
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lum ; one rectal dressing or polypus forceps ; one silver probe ;
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to a series of questions about the procedure. Is it painful?
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Tommy has less than none. He craves for solid food, and it is
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pale-yellowish-brown color ; translucent when fresh, but
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if anything, a darker hemoglobin stain than the disk-shaped corpuscles.
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noticeable feature was the rose color of the tissues and blood, a condition
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lection will not fail to be a source of much interest to Medical
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Gruby's note that there was a flagellate organism in the frog's
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can connect this patient's remarkable recovery with the
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Contrary to the generally accepted opinion wells are usually pol-
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congested and enlarged, and can be outlined as such. The pain or
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dition like tjq^hosis and tuberculosis. I do not hesitate to regard it as
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length of the wound, over twenty-two inches, I was obliged to
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counties. The meteorological data exhibited in the diagram are
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after the hemorrhage has been spontaneously suppressed, it does not in general return ;
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In the cretin the appearance is practically the reverse, the
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only to the tumour itself, as in my case, and then it is a question how far the part
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22. Diagram showing the Approximate Sites of the Four Word-centres and their
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consequence of the sai^e state. The irritation of the gastric surface,
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In the treatment of lead-ix)isoning by the iodide of potassium, McboM
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ilis these diseases must receive attention adapted to each case. In
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continuous plane with the face. The mucous system, soon after the
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sel was to diminish, not arrest, the flow of blood through it. On the eighth
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of the vault of the cranium, together with the intervening de-
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short distance, while if it is pushed beyond the infected area the urine
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of digitaline to the strychnine and morphine before the anesthetic.
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4. A Treatise on Diseases of the Skin and its Appendages, By AlTSTiK
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other secretions. Moreover, the recognition of the odor of
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thalmic or nasal, or we must be able to reproduce the asthma at
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Alumni of Greater New York, the formation of which is an-
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spokesmen represented the profession a record 82 times.
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case they may impede the action of the joint, and occasion
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in Germany; being, in fact, necessary, if the object to be photo-
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inhalations, and the air of the apartment may be rendered moist by the
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And this is another advantage of treating the patients
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injection of the veins alone will do, along with the external
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place may be 63°, and of another 41°. Now the week for
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of irregularity an auricular fibrillation, such cases,
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been given to it. The evils of the habitual use of opium are to be con-
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selves cured by these whisky tonics were college gradu-
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For further particulars, a line addressed to the Dean of the
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the nature and extent of the contemplated .alterations in the
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would be necessary to perform an operation to elevate the depressed bone.
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cle. She complained of pain and distress in the chest, and