kidney, we find the cylindrical masses of exudation covered with epi*
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tion. For three years he had the opportunity of prosecuting his favorite
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Chemical Processes Occurring in the Intestine. — ^The digestive pro-
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Stroganofp (Centralhl. f. Gyncek., Leipzig, 1901, ISTo. 6) considers this
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Since the opening of the first center in Rochester,
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decided that it was not a wound within the meaning of the Act. (The
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of each of the ordinary artificial divisions of the vessel. This we consider one
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in the use of medicines. By this course we will avoid the necessity of using
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disease was reported to the State Health Division. In 124
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Born on January 25, 1813, in Lancaster District, he
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average. He could not be induced to give up his habit
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attempt was made to procure a continuous and more rapid jet. At
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The pituitary body is a small reddish, vascular, oval mass ; hav-
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The spine showed a deviation of tliree-eighths of an
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poisoning with arsenic, phosphorus, antimony, manganese, &c.,
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accompanied by this form of fever. The occurrence of rigors
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an unpleasant odor. This cannot be ventilated away so long as its source
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is relative decrease in the size of the pelvis. Ex-
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informed him of the former case by oral communication.
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